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Our original Devi Steam Seat™ is just that, a yoni steaming seat! This handcrafted wooden seat is the perfect size for any woman to steam, and can be stored easily in a closet or cabinet.

How to use the yoni steam seat

Our simple Devi Steam Seat™ can simply be placed over a clean, food-grade 5 gallon pail or 20 Quart or 44 Quart stainless steel pot with a stainless steel or glass bowl containing your yoni steaming herbs and hot water placed carefully in the bottom. The underside of the seat is reinforced with notches for safety and stability on the base. With the seat placed securely on the pail or pot, sit as you normally would in a chair while you steam. When you’re finished, slip the seat away anywhere for storage (it’s only about an inch thick!). Please note that this seat does not have legs.

Don’t like the pail/pot idea? Get creative! There are many ways to use our simple Devi Steam Seat™.

This seat is handcrafted from Baltic-birth wood in our family shop in Colorado.

Still have questions? Read our Yoni Steam Seat FAQ


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Devi Steam Seat™

We all love yoni steaming, but for some, figuring out exactly how to get positioned for the steam can be a bit tricky. Its not easy to find a chair with a hole in the seat, and often times steaming chairs are large, expensive and difficult to store.


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